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When you need a reliable certified public accountant in Tyler, TX, come to Martinez CPA, who has been in operation since 2009. For many years we have offered a variety of services including CPA, Tax Service, Notary Public and much more. Our professional team is dedicated to completing your accounting services efficiently and on schedule, with affordable rates. When you need an experienced tax team to work for you, call on Martinez CPA in Tyler, TX to schedule an appointment in today, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

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Keeping track of your finances is already enough of a hassle without having to keep track of other responsibilities like your family and job. Fortunately, we understand that better than most. That is why we provide a bookkeeping service for our valued clients. Whether you’re in need of an accountant to keep you on track for your financial goals or require a second look at your business’ payroll, know that we have you covered. Our team carries years of experience in the financial industry and can help you regardless of your current circumstances.


Your finances aren't something so trivial as to be handled by an unprofessional assistant. When it comes to things like taxes, investments, and savings outlets, there are a number of legalities and discrepancies that need to be considered. Fortunately, that’s where our team can help! Every one of our accountants are CPAs, or certified public accountants. With that assurance, we inform our clients of our professionalism and skill before they even enter the door. Rest assured that your finances are left in capable hands.

IRS Representation

Tax controversies can absolutely shatter your career. That is why, when working with the IRS, it takes a team of professionals in your corner to ensure your basic rights are being maintained. Fortunately our team specializes in professional grade IRS representation. By working with you to get your taxes and finances in line, we can help you avoid any unnecessary tax mix ups. Keeping your finances in check is already enough of a hassle without getting the IRS involved. Allow us to cut the stress of your financial situation in half by working in your corner today!

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